How To Make Tempeh

How to make tempeh . Tempeh Material and Ingredients with complete : 1 kg of soybean, 1 tip of 1 teaspon of  tempeh starter. Need tools: bucket for soaking soybeans, plastic or banana leaves for wrapping soybeans / tempeh, bamboo skewers if you use banana leaves to wrap tempeh., but you need stapler if you use plastic to wrap tempeh

How To Make Tempeh correctly, please follow instructions of how to make tempeh :
Remove all dirt in soybeans include the soy foul. Wash soybeans using water. If net time you make tempeh in big quantity you can wash soybeans in a very easy. You can just wash the soybeans that have been cleared of soy foul under running water or use water hose to spray the water over soybeans. Soybeans will be clean because dirt will fall out of the bucket easily.

Soak soybeans in a bucket for approximately 6 hours its enough. Drain soybeans, split them using a spinner or soy grinder. Maybe you in this experiment you just make a little tempeh then you do not have soy spinner. Dont worry, you can use a big wooden or stone. Purpose of grinding the soy is not to crumble it but only to separate the meat of soybean from the skin and split them into two pieces. So if you want to use a blender then you must be careful to do not crush .... read more

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