About health benefits of eggs

About health benefits of eggs . Egg yolks be trusted contain cholesterol, but that does not mean yolk is bad for health. All the mineral and many vitamins needed by your body are indeed obtained from different meal.

Health benefits of eggs are: Carotenoids in egg yolk is really high and usefull. Carotenoids are pigments that give yellow in the egg yolk that can reduce the risk of degeneration and also cataracts disease in your eyes. In addition, the antioxidants found in eggs can minimize free radicals that can damage the retina of eye.

Egg yolks can make better / healthy the human heart, egg contain choline in the yolk help maximize blood circulation function. Various studies in the world have proven this and suggested eat one egg a days as health breakfast meal.

Eggs contains solids minerals. So eggs are helpful for bone and brain health. Contemplate to the results of many studies , as well as a good source of protein, egg white contain several minerals , including; Calcium ( helps the immune system ) , Potassium, Magnesium  , Zinc, Phosphorus ( useful for muscle contraction ) , Copper, Iron substances.... Read more

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