Nodular Acne and types

Form of nodular acne characterized by the presence of large. Nodular acne are big and serious than several of typical pimple. They affect more layers of skin, can be painful, can occur on the face or back This acne should be treated by a dermatologist.

In here, you will understand about the definition of nodular acne, the difference between cystic acne and nodular , and what you should do it. Nodular acne is a big acne that happens by a node. The fact the acne is shaped like a big node and bump. Most of acne that is described as nodular acne is not always cystic acne. About Cystic acne is when an actual cyst  forms underneath the acne lesion. All cystic acne is considered nodular, but all nodular acne is not considered cystic acne. The difference is the presence of the cyst. Thats it.
The form of the cyst is important because cysts often do not go away even after the nodular acne on top your skin has really healed. It may leave a permanent lump under the skin that can be felt and moved around with your fingers. This is not an good situation so cystic acne have to be controlled as your top priority. Many years of unchecked cystic pimple / acne can lead to a formation of some cysts under skin, for more information about nodular acne please click

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