Papaya benefits

It is about Papaya benefits . Many people like papaya fruit. Not only having good refreshing taste, papaya contains nutrients which are very good for your health. At the end of article you’ll get the papaya benefits, benefits of papaya tree form top to bottom and the nutritions in papaya.

Papaya can promoting good digestion system. Papaya contains fiber and papain anzyme that helps cure gastritis and improve digestion system, such as constipation your stomach. Some research has proved the papain enzyme in papaya kills parasites that prevent intestine from digesting food. And Papaya may prevents flu. The vitamin C contained in papaya improves system of our antibody to against cough dan flu.

Papaya benefits in preventing heart and stroke attack. The antioxidant of papaya helps prevent cholesterol oxidation, lower the level of bad cholesterol. Papaya good for improving your eye sight. If you have disease or ailment with your eye, it is good for you to take papaya regularly. Papaya also contains betacaroten...

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