stealing song lyrics from her '80s pop song

Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson could be in trouble after a Serbian singer reportedly accused them of stealing song lyrics from her '80s pop song to make up their hit-track Uptown Funk.

Serbian singer Snezana Miskovic, stage name Viktorija, claims the lads stole 80 per cent of her song Ulice Mracne Nisu Za Devojke (in English Dark Streets Are Not For Girls) which she recorded in 1984. Taylor Swift Uses Song Lyrics to Shoot Down Castle Rumors

Misunderstood song lyrics are not only confusing, but also quite funny. conducted a survey of 1,042 people to find out the songs they most commonly hear other people singing incorrectly and from those answers assembled a list of what it deems the best of the lot.

The top most misquoted and misunderstood song lyrics:
Taylor Swift Uses Song Lyrics to Shoot Down Castle Rumors Monday released a blacklist of songs that it says promote obscenity or violence and ordered website administrators to remove them from their sites.

The order from the Ministry of Culture accompanied the list of 120 songs that "trumpeted obscenity, violence, crime or harmed social morality," the official Xinhua News Agency said.

Taylor Swift always knows how to shoot down rumors in a clever way and the latest one is no exception.

There were rumors spreading that the 25-year-old singer is getting ready to buy a castle in Scotland to have a residence near her boyfriend Calvin Harris‘ hometown.

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