A pear shaped body type tends to carry weight in the hips

If you’re pear shaped… A pear shaped body type tends to carry weight in the hips, rear, and legs–the lower half. A mid-rise, balanced style will flatter your shape because it will elongate your legs. Ideally, you should search for pair of moderate skinnies like these Mid-Rise Slim Boot Leg jeans by J Brand. This streamlined fit creates a sleek look that will flatter your curvy zone. Be sure to stay away from super high-waisted jeans at all costs–they will shorten your legs and create a disproportioning effect.

Raise your hand if you're a pear shape? ... Yep, that's most of us! Pear is by far the most common body shape among women, and if you're in the club, it's likely you hate buying jeans too. Why? Because most jeans aren't made for curves-in-all-the-right-places, so we often have to suck and squeeze just to get them on. Not fun! Once we've achieved that, we usually have to deal with gaping backs, tight thighs and not enough room around the hip area..... sometimes it's just easier to reach for a skirt.

Pear (left): Your hips are slightly wider than your shoulders with a slim upper body, smaller bust, broadening to a fullness in the hip, bottom & thigh area. A high percentage of women in the UK fall into this body shape. Pears can be all sizes, petite to plus size.

Hourglass (right): Your hips & bust are about the same size with your waist being approx 10″ smaller, with a fuller bottom. The interesting factor with an hourglass is that an overweight pear can fall into this body shape ( putting weight on the top half as well on the bottom).

You can see in the body shapes above the top half is the difference in a pear & hourglass. Gok Wan often mentions that clothing manufacturers and dressmakers still design to an hourglass mannequin shape. When it comes to dressing the bottom half of a pear or hourglass in jeans, the formula is the same.

If your body is full through the hips, rear, and thighs, and smaller above the waist, you're a classic jeans pear shape body type. Even if you've learned how to dress to show off your curves beautifully (and camouflage your less favorite features) in other clothing, you may find it a challenge to find the right jeans for your womanly figure. We're here to help you with fashion tricks for doing just that. The real secret to flattering a figure that's heavier on the bottom is to know how to shop for the denim styles that help to visually elongate your legs and streamline your curves. Here's our practical guide to the jeans that flatter a figure that's curvier below the waist, including the best denim brands and styles for pear-shaped women, and what you can wear with all your jeans to look your fashionable best.

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